Maybe its an unusual approach, but I enjoy being the second photographer at a wedding much more than the lead.
I love taking care of people, and I enjoy anticipating your needs, helping you and making your job easier.
And I also enjoy the free time I get to spend with my family since I don't have to run the business side of things.

I love second shooting


I have two full frame Nikons (Df and Z6ii), and I rent whatever lenses you prefer for your look, if I don't already have them.

Special skills

I can tie a bow tie in 12 seconds, fold pocket squares, steam clothes, sew...

I can remember your special dietary restrictions and sneak you food from catering and make sure you're hydrated.


While I went to college for biochemistry,

I've spend the last decade taking classes on different aspect of photography, from color and lighting to psychology of photography.