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Special exhibit: Cindy and David

Cindy and David had their wedding on the grounds of an actual art museum, the Triton Museum of Art in Santa Clara, California. Just - right there in the court yard. And it was so beautiful! The space was transformed into a fairy-tale like setting with glass orbs hanging from the trees, golden sunlight streaming through the branches, and butterflies fluttering over the couple as they said their "I do"s.

Want to see the rest of their day?

The groom-crew was so much fun. I love seeing the depth of friendships as people come together to make the wedding day so special for the couple. Also - now I can tie a bowtie in under 2 minutes!

It's go time, Cindy!

The first look - such a genuine and tender moment. It took David a minute to find the words to tell Cindy how beautiful she was!

All the gorgeous florals were done by My Wedding Sense - including the flowers inside the glass orbs. And the makeup was done by: Kbeauty by Nicole

Their reception exits were one of my favorite parts. If your wedding doesn't include special money guns - you should add some ASAP!

And more details to feast your eyes on:

Here's how you know they are a good team - no body has cake on their face!

And look at this magical dane floor! That street lamp on the side, and the trees all around - what an atmosphere!