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Are you doing your own makeup?

I am so happy to have a makeup artist, the wonderful Marcie, on my team!

Sure you can do your own make up, maybe save a little money, etc.

But - here's why you shouldn't DIY when it comes to your face for pictures.

You're paying to have your photos taken. Do you know what effect I'm going for when I take your pictures? I want you to look at them and say "wow" with a tear in your eye - "I didn't know I was THIS beautiful!!!". Because you are!

But you get used to seeing yourself a certain way. Your eye immediately goes to every imperfection that you have decided you have.

Getting your family ready for a photo session can be a daunting task. Taking just a little bit of time out of your day to focus on you - is just so important. And having a professional there helping YOU get ready will ensure that you are looking and feeling your best and can devote your full attention to everyone else.

Or maybe - makeup is just not your thing? When we're taking pictures, especially if we're outside, and there's more people in the shot - it really helps to have that extra pop to bring out your eyes.

And you want everyone else that you show the photos to to say - "WOW! You look so AMAZING!" Right? So - instead of ordinary, lets make sure you are looking extraordinary!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here is photo evidence:

This lovely lady came in looking fresh faced and beautiful:

And then we did a minimal makeup on her. This took 30 minutes.

This is great for someone who isn't sure about what to do with makeup or how to wear it. Or if you're in a rush.

Next, we spent another 15 minutes, and took her to this:

The difference may be subtle - but the wow effect is there, right? She still looks pretty natural, her beauty is what you see first, not the fact that she's wearing makeup. I think this look is perfect for an outdoor family photo session.

And finally, another 15-30 minutes (so an hour - hour and fifteen total) took us to this:

This is the real deal!!! She is ready for any fancy occasion.

I really wanted to show you what exactly a makeup artist does, from start to finish. So you could imagine how you can arrive for your makeup, and how you will look as you walk into your photo session!

To get the best result - you have to communicate with your makeup artist. Your finished look has to match your overall style - so that you look like an enhanced version of yourself, rather than someone entirely different. It helps if, as part of your preparation for the session, you get some reference images together for how you want your makeup to be. This can be a pinterest board, some screen shots on your phone, or even some magazine clippings! Share them with us beforehand so we can all make sure that we are on the same page and make the most out of your session!

Marcie can come to your house to help you get ready, or you can go to her in Pleasant Hill. And you can always visit her here: beautybymarciestewart.com